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Champ Skates Co., Ltd. has seen its 40-year anniversary , as the premier China manufacturer of various skates. Its products have been equiped for worldwide traditional figure skaters, hockey players, and prevailing speed skaters.

China Hockey Legend across Centuries

The factory was founded in 1970 by  
Lui Shih-Ching and Alan Yaenn, one of the earliest professional players of  mainland China Hockey Team, once the national champion hockey team captain,  now the National Senior Coach, vice president of China Hockey Council and former Chief of China National Roller Hockey Association.

(Lui Shih-Ching and his fellows fighting against the Australians on French world champion ice hockey games in 1974)

The two coachfellow player boys were born in 1940s, graduated from physical education college in 1960s, went abroad delegated by the Mao Tse-tong's goverment in 1970s fighting Canada andAustraila hockey teams(see a scanned copy of the old newspaper picture and the Wikipedia introduction of Ken Dryden), and have been coaching the Chinese teams eversince 1970s.  Although they didn't speak English, they knew well every Western skate brands as well as quality, created their own pairs of Chinese skates in 1970s,  and run their own factory business step by step eversince.

(Lui Shih-Ching and former Canadian NHL goaltender Ken Dryden in 1970s)

In the past 50 years, they see the great evolution of Chinese skating sports as well as the skate manufacturing industry. Now at their 60s, they still know every China indoor rinks(there are several hundred of them in China now), remember nearly every Asian skate players, and watch with passion each national skating match.As you see, we are much OLDER THAN THE INTERNET!

Although the business name of Champ Skates factory changed several times, the champion legend never does. Champ Skates are now accepted by more and more dealers and skaters, both professional and recreational.

What We Offer

Win your skate champion with Champ Skates, too!

As an original skates manufacturter for four decades, we make and design durable skates for skating rinks & arenas, amateur skaters, artistic roller skaters, hockey players(rink hockey, in-line hockey, ice hockey), and speed skaters.

Products we carry: Roller Skates, Inline Skates / Rollerblades, Ice Skates / Figure Skates, Aggressive inline skates, Quadline Skates, Multi-Terrain Skates, Heelys roller shoes, Race and Speed skates, LandRollers, Children's Skates, Freeline Skates, Xlider Skates, Freestyle Skates, Inline hockey skates, Off road / Trail skates, Skateboards & Longboards, All types of Scooters, Snow Shoes,, Fitness Products, Skate Protective Gear and Helmets + All types of Wheels, Boots, Plates & Frames, Trucks, Bearings, Ice blades, Skating Apparel, etc!

Custom-tailored skates are also available.

Other than skates, we offer skating-related devices including ice blade sharpener, rink ice trimming machine, heat-proof ice rink carpet, etc. We also offer domestic rink building & maintenance & renovation, and skate teaching & coaching services to kids, adults, and professional players with precontract.

"You name the Champ, we make the Skates..." 

From sketch to reality, let our factory become yours! Our experience will provide an unsurpassed solution to your most complex needs.

We welcome OEM & ODM & OBM skate orders, too. At Champ Skates Company Ltd., quality is our first priority. Rigid quality control systems and procedures govern our operations. We have developed the facilities, materials and procedures to recognize and fulfill almost any demanding requirements. You can rest assured depending on our expertised service, product quality, competitive pricing, and our staff of experienced people.

Champ Skates, your Champ choice!

Sincere Thanks

Herein we wish to thank our customers, suppliers, and sales partners with whom we have worked with over the years for their sustaining support and constant commitment, and to welcome our new customers and website visitors.

Nevertheless, we would like to deliver our special thanks to our painstaking workshop guys and dedicated office staff. We are very proud of them. Without their diligent devotions, we would have never become who we are now in this industry.


Career with us

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